Google Data Studio: User manual for End users

This Google Data Studio user manual shows you how to use a Google Data Studio Report. This manual does not show you how to build reports but is written for end users.

Google Data Studio Dashboard for Web Analytics - Free

This Free 16 page Google Data Studio Template for Web Analytics consists of 16 pages. The data sources are:

  1. Google Analytics (with Adwords linked to Google Analytics)
  2. Google Search Console

Google Analytics: How To Create A View Using Filters?

What is a 'View' in Google Analytics? A 'view' in Google Analytics helps you focus on a subset of the data that it collects. For example, you can create a view to show only traffic to your blog. An E-commerce website can create a view to show only traffic to its product pages. You can also create a view to exclude traffic from an IP address. We take the help of 'filters' to exclude or include subsets of data.

How To Set Up Google Analytics Tracking For Your Website?

Google Analytics Tracking Set up is done in 2 easy steps

  1. Step 1: Signup for an Analytics Account using your Google account (gmail id).
  2. Step 2: Add a javascript tracking code to your website (even if you are not technical, do not worry. Keep reading. I will point you to step-by-step tutorials)

Google Analytics FAQ and Trouble shooting

Google Analytics is one of the most comprehensive web analytics tool. It is quite common to run into problems during implementation. This page helps you troubleshoot issues and also answers frequently asked GA questions.

What is Google Analytics? - An Introduction

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool to track and report website traffic. It is used to track user acquisition, user engagement, and goal conversions. It can also track acquisition and engagement on mobile apps.