Google Data Studio and Data Visualization consulting

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I can help you get the most out your Digital Marketing data by designing highly visual Google Data Studio Dashboards.

Google Data Studio Dashboard for Web Analytics (Handcrafted for your website)

     Hire me to craft this for $35
I will handcraft a Google Data Studio Dashboard tailored for your website. My dashboards help you get actionable insights on the factors that impact your website’s unique goals. The dashboards will use data from Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Search Console. All reports will include your branding elements (colors, logo) as feasible.Learn more

Google Data Studio Template for Web Analytics (Free)

     Get this Free 16-page template
Get my free 16 page pre-designed Google Data Studio template. No sign-up required. Simply connect your data sources (Google Analytics, Search Console) and your dashboard is ready to use. You can also visualize Google Adwords data if it is linked to your Google Analytics account. Learn more

Google Data Studio Dashboard for Web Analytics (Customized)

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Advanced reports are useful if you need to visualize social media (using Supermetrics service), custom data from Google Sheets in addition to Google Analytics, Adwords and Search console. Email me your requirements and I will get back to you with a quote.

Why Google Data Studio

1. Performance at-a-glance: Saves time and helps you keep your finger on the pulse of performance.
2. Highly visual: Increases your chance of finding actionable insights.
3. Diggable reports: Dig deeper into data using data filters.
4. All reports at one place: You can see all your web analytics reports at one place. You do not have to log into Google Analytics, Adwords, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin individually to see your reports.
5. Easy to share: Share report with your team members or clients easily.

Digital Agencies Welcome
1. White labelled dashboards: Add another service to your offerings.
2. Bulk pricing: Contact me for bulk pricing when you order 3 reports or more.

About Sasi
I am a Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) certified Digital Analyst. I can help you visualize your Analytics data in Google Data Studio to increase your likelihood of finding timely information. I have been using these tools from the time they have been launched. I have a holistic view of Digital business with a career that spans 17 years in varied roles of Digital marketing, Product management and Business development.