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I have made a few Google Data Studio Templates that can serve as a starting point. You can copy these templates or get ideas to create your own custom build reports. If you would rather want an expert to build a report for you, hire a Google Data Studio freelancer.

SEO Report from Search Console

This Search Console report helps you understand your website’s SEO performance using Google Data Studio. This is an advanced template that helps you visualize 1) Top 3, Top10 lost/won data, 2) Search intent 3) Branded vs Non-branded queries 4) Landing pages by directory.
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Goals Template from Google Analytics

This 5 page Google Data Studio template helps you visualize your Google Analytics Goals. The template also provides tips to help you get the most out of Google Data Studio features. Some charts include calculated fields, analytical functions, optional metrics, conditional formatting and sort features.
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Web Analytics Template (Google Analytics, Adwords, Search Console)

This Free 16 page Google Data Studio Template for Web Analytics consists of 16 pages. The data sources are: a)Google Analytics (with Adwords linked to Google Analytics), b)Google Search Console
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Google Analytics Template

This 6 page template has only the most commonly requested metrics and graphs from Google Analytics.
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Twitter analysis

This report is created with data exported from It cannot be copied as it uses data source level calculated fields. Someday, I will convert them into chart level calculated fields so that you can copy and own the report.
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Employees can report any COVID19 symptoms that they have using the Self-Declaration form. The data is entered in a Google Form and displayed in a Google Data Studio report.
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