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seo report from search console: google data studio template


This Search Console report helps you understand your website’s SEO performance. The ‘Search Console’ data connector in Google Data Studio gives you two options to connect: 1. URL Impressions and 2. Site Impressions. You will need to create two data sources, one for ‘URL Impressions’ and the other for ‘Site Impressions’. Important: Some calculated fields need to be...

Google Data Studio: Relative to Base Data vs Corresponding Data


Comparison metrics in Google Data Studio have two options: ‘Relative to base data’ and ‘Relative to corresponding data’. Let’s see what these terms mean. Take a look at the below table and its configuration that follows. The dimension is ‘source’. The metric ‘Sessions’ is added twice. You will generally not need to add it twice. But I am doing so in this post to make it easy to explain the...

COVID19: Employee Self Declaration using Google Forms and Data Studio


Employees can report any COVID19 symptoms that they have using the Self-Declaration form. The data entered in this Google Form will be displayed in a Google Data Studio report. Demo Form: Demo Report: You can copy the form and the report and use it in your organization. Follow the below instructions to copy.   How to copy the form and store the responses in a Google Sheet? Click the link...

Google Data Studio Tips for Agencies with Multiple Clients


In this post, I will share a few ideas and Data Studio features to help Digital Agencies with multiple clients. The idea is to start a discussion around this topic and share notes among ourselves. 1. Create a master report 2. Chart specific vs Data Source calculated fields: Which ones to use? 3. Give descriptive names to data sources 4. Copy existing data source instead of creating new ones 5...

Google Data Studio Template: Goals Report From Google Analytics


This 5 page Google Data Studio template helps you visualize your Google Analytics Goals. The template also provides tips to help you get the most out of Google Data Studio features. Some charts include calculated fields, analytical functions, optional metrics, conditional formatting and sort features. If you want a custom data studio report built by a professional, you can hire me here. Open in a...

How to visualize a goal flow segment in Google Data Studio?


This post shows how to visualize a goal flow segment in Google Data Studio. I assume that you have basic knowledge of Data studio’s calculated fields. You can see the visualization in action here. Assume that the page paths for the goal flow are: /step1.html /step2.html /step3.html /step4.html Step I: Create custom field Now create a custom field with the below formula (replace the page...

Google Data Studio Dashboard for Web Analytics – Free


This Free 16 page Google Data Studio Template for Web Analytics consists of 16 pages. The data sources are: Google Analytics (with Adwords linked to Google Analytics) Google Search Console CLICK HERE TO GET THE TEMPLATE If you would rather have a customized data studio report, I can create one with Analytical functions (% of total etc.), Calculated fields (simple Math, Aggregation, CASE...

How to Give Consultants access to Google Data Studio and Data Sources?


Let us first look at two of the common methods of getting a Data Studio report built and why they are wrong. Wrong Method 1: Consultant creates a ready-to-use template that you copy to your Data Studio account and become the owner. Though sufficient in some cases, it is a generic template that is not tailored to your business. A report that is tailored to your requirements increases the...

How to copy a Google Data Studio Template and become the owner?


If you want to copy my free data studio template for web analytics or any other template, follow the below process. Once you copy a template to your Google account, you become the owner and can edit it.   Login to using your Google account. Now open the data studio template by pasting the url in the address bar. Click the copy button (two rectangles on the top righ side...

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