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My name is Sasi. I am a Google Data Studio Freelancer with vast experience in Digital media. I will build a custom Data Studio report from your Digital media/marketing data. I can identify the right metrics for your business and build an insightful, interactive and visual report.
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  Premium Intermediate Basic Customized
Price USD 300 USD150 USD75 Send your requirements to get a quote
Type of data Digital media/marketing
No. of graph/charts 60 30 15
Revisions 5 4 2
Calculated fields 10 5 2
Data blending Yes Yes No
Calculated fields from blended data 5 2 No
No. of data sources 10 5 2
Delivery time (aprox.) 30 days 15 days 7 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kinds of data can you visualize?

I can visualize data from a wide range of sources but I specialize in Digital marketing/media data. Below is a small list of data sources that I can visualize:

1. Data connectors that are free of cost(as of writing) : Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Ads, SEMRush, CallRail, Google Sheets, Youtube analytics

2. Using third party paid connectors like Supermetrics: Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Microsoft advertising.

Q. Are there any additional costs?

Google Data Studio is free of cost. There are many data connectors that are free of cost. But to use a third party connector like Supermetrics, you will need a paid subscription.


Q. How do I give you access to the data to create reports?

For services like Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Ads, it is sufficient to add me as a user. For certain other services like SEMRush, CallRail, we may need to work together to authorize the connector. Send me your requirements, I will advise on a case to case basis.


Q. I have a sample dashboard. Can you recreate it?

I can generally recreate dashboards made with Google Data Studio. It may not always be technically feasible to recreate dashboards made with other platforms.


Q. Can I give you a list of fields to visualize?

Yes, you can. But I can visualize only fields that the data connector provides. Some data connectors do not provide all the fields from the data source.

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