How to copy a Google Data Studio Template and become the owner?

If you want to copy my free data studio template for web analytics or any other template, follow the below process. Once you copy a template to your Google account, you become the owner and can edit it.


  1. Login to using your Google account.
  2. Now open the data studio template by pasting the url in the address bar.
  3. Click the copy button (two rectangles on the top righ side visible only when logged in).
  4. A popup box opens showing the original data sources on the left side and data sources available to add on the right add. If your data source is available in the drop-down list, select it and skip to step 9. Else, follow the below steps.
  5. Open the drop-down list and click CREATE NEW DATASOURCE.
  6. Now select the appropriate connector to add.
  7. Select the required data source.
  8. Wait for the ADD TO REPORT button to appear on the top-right side of the page.
  9. Click ADD TO REPORT.
  10. Repeat steps 5 to 9, if the report requires multiple data sources.
  11. Click CREATE REPORT.
  12. Wait for a few seconds for data studio to copy the template and make a report with your data source.

Trouble shooting: Q1.I cannot find the data source that I want to add, after selecting the data connector.

  1. Check if you have access permission to the said data source. You can add only those data sources that you have permission to access. For e.g., you can add a Google Analytics view only if either:
    1. The google analytics account is owned by your Google Account OR
    2. Your Google Account has been granted atleast a 'Read & Analyze' permission
  2. Ensure that you have selected the right data connector. For example, if you want to use a Google sheet as the data source, ensure that you not have selected Google Analytics connector.

Q2: I get configuration error on some charts  

  1. Check with the template creator, if they have used Calculated fields. If yes, charts with calculated fields will show configuration error. Calculated fields cannot be copied. They can only be recreated from scratch using your Google account.
  2. If the template uses multiple data sources, it is possible that the chart is getting data from the wrong data source. To resolve  
    1. Click the Edit button (only visible when logged in).
    2. Click the chart that is showing a configuration error
    3. In the right side panel, ensure that the chart is using the correct data source. If not, click             the data source name to select a different data source.