Google Analytics FAQ and Trouble shooting

Google Analytics is one of the most comprehensive web analytics tool. It is quite common to run into problems during implementation. This page helps you troubleshoot issues and also answers frequently asked GA questions.

1. Where can I find the tracking code?

I did not copy the tracking code and id when I created the property. Where can I find them now?

  • Login to
  • Click 'Admin' button (or gear icon) in the left side navigation
  • From the Property drop-down, select the property for which tracking code is required
  • Expand 'Tracking Info'
  • Click 'Tracking code'. This will show you the Tracking id and the Tracking code for the property.

2. How does GA collect data and what data does it collect? When someone visits your website, GA tracking code drops a cookie on the visitor's browser. Every time the visitor interacts with your website in any way, the code sends a hit to GA servers. This URL hit to the server passes on information like browser language, Page name, screen resolution, ip address, operating system, geographic location and a lot more. 3. How many Accounts, Properties and Views can I create? With each Google account, you can create up to 100 analytics accounts. Each 'Analytics' account can have up to 50 properties. And each property can have up to 25 views. 4. How to create another Analytics account with the same Google Account.

  • Login to
  • Click 'Admin' button (or gear icon) in the left side navigation
  • Open the Account dropdown
  • Click 'Create new account'
  • Enter the details required to create a new account. You can create up to 100 analytics accounts with each Google account.

5. How to create another Property within the same Analytics account?

  • Login to
  • Click 'Admin' button (or gear icon) in the left side navigation
  • Open the drop down under 'Account' and select the account for which the new property is to be created.
  • Now open the 'Property' dropdown and click 'Create new property'
  • Enter the details required to create a new property. You can create up to 50 properties for each Analytics account.

6. I don't see any data in Analytics even after I added the tracking code. How to test if the tracking code is working properly? It can take up to 24 hours after adding the tracking code to see data in analytics. But you can check immediately if the analytics is indeed capturing data:

  • Open your website in a browser
  • In another tab/window, login to
  • In the left side menu, go to Reports>>Real-time>>Overview
  • You should see at least 1 visit in the real-time overview. It can take about 30 secs to start seeing numbers in the real-time report.

7. On whose Google account should I create Analytics account? Mine, my employer's or the client's account? If the website is owned by your client, it is a good practice to create the analytics account on the client's Google account. Then ask them to give you the required permissions to manage that account. If the website is owned by your employer, create the Analytics account on your employer's Google account. If the client is moving away from your agency or you move to another employer, the analytics account will still be owned by your employer or client.