Google Data Studio: User manual for End users

This Google Data Studio user manual shows you how to use a Google Data Studio Report. This manual does not show you how to build reports but is written for end users.

Navigate report pages


Method 1: Click on previous(<) or next(>) icons to navigate Method 2: Click the current page name to see a list of all page. Click on the page you want to jump to.




Rename a report

You have copied a report. Now you want to rename the report. Follow the below steps: Login to Google Data Studio (





  • Click the 3 button settings menu for the report

  • Click 'Rename'.
  • Enter a new name.
  • Click the RENAME button.





Filter Control


Filters is an adhoc reporting tool that lets you include or exclude data when a certain condition is met.

For example, you can include or exclude traffic from specific device categories using the filter.





Export chart data


Right-click on any chart

You have options to export to csv or Google Sheets





Delete pages


Click the EDIT button

Expand the pages drop down

Click the 3 dot settings menu for the page that you want to delete